19 June 2015

#Distraction Series

Mixed Media Series
Hand marbled paper / Gold leaf / Foil /Oil Pastel / Collage

06 June 2015

Street Style

I'M BORED. Bored of my style and everything else. 
Someone give me some inspiration.

20 May 2015


So this is one of my prized possession, Ren Hang's limited edition photography book. I found him couple of years ago, I don't really remember where but I was instantly attracted to his work.

I'm not exactly sure what it is, maybe the sense of surrealism achieved with such simplicity? Strong colours that makes his photographs assimilate paintings? Asian girls nude but portrayed in non-sexual way? It almost seem like a school project where teenagers are being a bit silly and having fun. Maybe I like that freedom. Non-chalantness. Who gives a shit, we are young kinda vibe.


13 May 2015

Emma Hauck Letters

So I came across these incredible outsider art when I was flipping through magazines at school. Emma Hauck, the artists wasn't a trained artist at all in her time. She was a mother who was admitted to a mental hospital in her young age (30) diagnosed with schizophrenia. Her illness was terminal so she died in the hospital 11 years after.

These are the letters she obsessively wrote to her husband Mark whilst at hospital. Her letters comprise of short cry of help such as "Herzensschatzi komm" ("Sweetheart come") and "komm komm komm," ("come come come") repeated many times on the page.

Her desperation, hope and sadness that transferred onto these pages capture a state of human emotion in such an honest way. Powerful stuff. In a way I feel these are transcript of her soul.

08 May 2015

Nan Goldin

So, my photography rotation is coming up at my school so I'm going to touch on some of my fav photographers that I've encountered in the past.

Starting with Nan Goldin today. Some on my list might be a bit mainstream so hopefully you won't get too bored if you've seen the image for the millionth time. This will def help my poor memory of remembering artists. If you know any good ones plz holla.


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